Design of lifts

We will design f scissor lift table, column lift and freight elevator for you. The lifts offered by us can be freely adapted to the Client’s needs and work conditions. Contact us for detailed information on adaptation of your project.


Manufacture of lifts

We produce scissor lift tables with the highest quality standards. We pay great attention to the components used in our lifts. High quality steel and qualified staff ensure long and trouble-free work.


Installation of lifts

Our lifts and freight elevators can be installed in the customer’s premises, which guarantees a reliable operation by maintaining appropriate standards of realization, from manufacturing to installation.


Lift service

Our qualified team of service technicians with the authority of Technical Inspection Office (UDT) provide professional warranty and post-warranty service of scissor lift tables. We also perform periodic scissor lift tables scans, service repairs and we prepare the UDT reception.

Scissor lift tables

highest quality

We produce our scissor lifts with the utmost care in accordance with the principles of production management and European quality standards.

Regardless of whether we cut, weld, roll, paint or bend elements of jacks or jacks, we do it in accordance with the applicable standards and quality procedures. Thanks to this, we can guarantee the highest quality of scissor lifts and column lifts.